Water Efficiency on Large Landscapes 

… An incentive project aimed to encourage water conservation and efficiency on larger landscapes in the American River Basin.

Greywater is water from sinks, showers, and washing machines. Instead of sending it down the sewer it can be safely and simply redirected into the landscape for irrigation. Reusing household greywater saves water, saves time, and reduces water flowing into the sewer system. 

Find out if a greywater system is a good match for your home and landscape in our informative evening slideshow presentation “Drought-Proof Your Landscape with Greywater”

Common types of systems
Advantages and limitation of different systems
Plant friendly soaps and products
How much water you may save
System costs
Codes and regulations
Incentives, rebates, and reimbursement programs to drought proof your landscape

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Two ways for homeowners to participate, choose between:

Reimbursement Projects

Up to $500 reimbursement available for homeowners for water conservation and efficiency projects.

  • Smart Irrigation Controllers upgrades standard irrigation timers (i.e. Rain Sensors, moisture sensors, weather stations etc.)
  • Upgrading to Water Efficient Sprinkler Heads.
  • Drip Irrigation Equipment: converting existing non-turf area spray equipment to low volume drip.
  • Pressure regulation equipment for irrigation system
  • Rainwater Catchment Systems
  • Greywater Systems

Hand-On Workshops

Sign-up for a FREE workshop, participates will receive all materials to install either of the systems on their properties.

  • “BlueBarrel” Rainwater Catchment Systems- simple self-installed system consisting of a series of 55 gallon barrels collecting rainwater from a structures roof.
  • “Laundry to Landscape” Greywater Systems- simple self-installed system reusing only laundry machine water to irrigate outdoor landscape.