Garden Tour 2012

Bevy of Blue

This attractive landscape flanks a loose set flagstone walkway with gravel grout. The walkway provides an inviting entry and a permeable surface to reduce runoff from the landscape. Flagstone was chosen in earth tones to complement the color scheme of the home.

In the foreground, the landscape is composed primarily of UC Davis Arboretum All Star plants bearing blue-toned blossoms and similar low-mounding forms. Lavender is used as the anchor shrub between the driveway and walkway and creates a mound of bloom from May to September. The walkway is bordered with billowy mounds of Santa Barbara Daisy, which provide almost year-round small daisy-like blooms. Native Iris is interspersed throughout the foreground as the early bloomer of blue-purple flowers on sturdy stalks.

Western Redbud has been chosen as an appropriate small scale tree for this shallow front yard. This tree will provide a striking burst of small deep pink blossoms along the bare branches in the early spring before the leaves set. The tree is native to California and drought tolerant choice. This front yard is another example of an attractive landscape created without the use of traditional turf.

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