Garden Tour 2012

Low Maintenance and Loving It!

The previous owner had let the landscape of this home become a mess. In order to sell, a complete renovation was necessary to provide curb appeal. The current homeowners are the beneficiaries of this new and attractive low maintenance landscape.

What is unique about this landscape and one of the reasons it was featured in the Elk Grove ‘Greener’ Gardens tour is that it is an example of a ‘lawn compromise’. This home has a relatively large front yard. Instead of rolling out several hundred square feet of sod, the ratio of lawn to planting area was reduced. Lawn was still included in the design, but a substantial savings in water, fertilizer and chemicals, maintenance and lawn clippings to the landfill is realized.

Mounded ‘islands’ of planting and boulders are interspersed throughout a field of cobble and river rock. Boulders with tones of red were selected to complement the brick accents on the home. Crape Myrtles anchor each planting to give height and scale. The planting design is relatively simple using a palette of less than a dozen plants given ample spacing. Because the plant material is young and newly planted, it may look sparse, but each plant has been given adequate space to grow and mature without the need for frequent pruning.

The end result is a river-friendly landscape renovation that saves water, reduces chemical runoff into our creeks and rivers, and is low maintenance. What’s not to love about that!

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