Garden Tour 2012

Outdoor Living Room

Cul-de-sac homes often have narrow, flared or awkwardly shaped front yards that result in little usable space. However, this did not prevent these homeowners from creating a stylish courtyard and outdoor living room instead!

The curvilinear stucco wall and arbor encapsulate the front of this home creating a welcoming entry and private haven. Brick pilasters repeat brick accents elsewhere on the home and in the landscape to create a homogenous and complementary design. The courtyard includes a marble fountain with hand-crafted ceramic fish accents, a seating area and fireplace.

The courtyard leaves a small planter in front of the curved wall which includes a combination of perennials, spring flowering bulbs (Iris, Daffodil and Freesia), seasonal annuals and a collection of ceramics and garden ornaments.

The edible landscape is a major component of this ‘greener garden’. The patio includes potted dwarf citrus, such as Lime and Kumquat. Fig and Dwarf Pomegranate are in the front planter. However, the most unique use of space is the linear planter of espaliered fruit trees to the right of the driveway. The decorative arbor creates a rhythmic framework for espaliered blood
orange, plum, Bing cherry, Rainier cherry, apricot, apple and grapefruit. This design element is both attractive and productive.

What would have been a narrow, unused stretch of turf as you enter the home on an awkwardly shaped cul-de-sac lot has now become a welcoming outdoor room with a purpose!

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