Garden Tour 2012

Sacramento Valley Success

This front yard is a perfect example of how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing eco-friendly and water-wise landscaping can be. The warm-toned colored concrete walkway, selective use of decorative rock and boulders, attractive accent lighting and intricate screen detail at the front door combine to create a landscape that complements the home and delivers a lot of curb appeal.

Only a few of these plants produce showy flowers (ie. Coast Rosemary, Lavender, Dwarf Bottlebrush and Golden Breath of Heaven), but this garden proves that you can have color, beauty and year-round interest in the garden by choosing plants that are varied in foliage color, texture and form.

The Sacramento Valley can be a difficult environment for landscaping with hot summer temperatures, heavy clay soils and average annual rainfall of only 19 inches. Many homeowners fall into the ‘mis-belief’ that the only way to have an attractive landscape is to pour lots of water on everything to keep it green, apply loads of fertilizer on grass and prune, shear and mow everything weekly to keep it looking good. Not true! With the proper selection and use of both hardscape and plant materials, you too can create a ‘greener garden’ that requires less water, less chemicals and less maintenance.

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