Garden Tour 2013

A Beauty is Born

Several years ago, when the homeowner’s children were young, they wanted to create a front yard space where they could sit and keep an eye on the kids while they were playing. Initially, the paver patio was installed which gave them a place for seating and a patio umbrella to provide shade from the late afternoon sun. Back then, they still had a front lawn. Fast forward a few more years…the homeowners wanted to add a walkway between them and their neighbor and one that led from the sidewalk to the patio. It was then that they decided the small piece of remaining lawn wasn’t worthy of keeping. This landscape exemplifies several river-friendly landscaping principles.The conversion of lawn to landscaping saves water and reduces green waste. They also have selected plants that can grow to their natural size (with the exception of the espaliered ornamental pear against the wall) in the space provided for them. No shearing or excessive pruning here! The homeowners do not use pesticides or fertilizers (it looks like everything is growing just fine without them) which protects our water quality by keeping chemicals out of our local watershed. And lastly, they chose to use a permeable surface for their new patio and walkways which allows rain water to percolate into the ground and reduces storm water runoff. All these principles in combination…and a water-wise and eco-friendly beauty was born!

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