Garden Tour 2013

Chock-Full of Water-Wise Choices

This landscape was converted approximately five years ago when the curved walkway was added and the lawn removed. The homeowners wanted to conserve water and just knew that taking out the lawn “was the right thing to do.” Although a relatively small front yard, this landscape is ‘chock-full’ of interesting and water conserving plant material. Creeping Phlox, Spanish Lavender and Rosemary grab your attention this time of year with their beautiful blooms of pinks and purples. In addition, a variety of succulents mix to create textural groundcovers. And, shade loving water-wise plants are appropriately grouped together against the shaded wall of the home. The large terracotta urn topped with Echeveria (Hen and Chicks) is an attractive addition to the garden and complements the home’s architecture. Talavera pottery dots the landscape with splashes of color and whimsy. The edible landscape is worthy of noting. The inclusion of two types of table grapes, Thompson Seedless and Flame Seedless, is a wonderful and productive addition to the garden. Who said your vegetable or fruit producing garden has to be hidden in the backyard? Thoughtful planning and careful plant selections make this garden chock-full of water-wise choices!

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