Garden Tour 2013

Evergreen Ease

Planted in 1993, this ‘lawnless’ landscape has been thriving for almost 20 years and still looks great today! The landscape is composed of an inviting entry walk that is punctuated with periodic bands of brick that complement the brick façade of the home. Large boulders anchor the planting beds along the way. A variety of evergreen groundcover, shrubs and trees complete the landscape and add year-round interest with foliage colors of blue, gray and a variety of greens. Due to the predominantly evergreen plant palette, the landscape is very easy to maintain. According to the homeowner, annual maintenance consists of a single ‘clean-up’ in the spring to remove leaves that have collected during the fall and winter, to pull any weeds that have come up and to tidy the edges of the Silver Carpet groundcover along the walkways. Some additional deadheading of roses is necessary throughout the year, but that’s about it! This landscape is a great example of the river-friendly principle, “Landscaping for less to the landfill.” The minimal amount of annual pruning necessary in this garden means less yard clippings are generated that have to be picked up and hauled to the landfill. That also translates to less of the homeowner’s valuable time and energy being spent doing unnecessary pruning…evergreen ease that aims to please! (Garden Art provided by K’s Krazy Kreations, to purchase her work or for more information visit today’s festival or contact Kathy Barnum at

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