Garden Tour 2013

Lawnless Curb Appeal

This renovated landscape is another example of a lawnless front yard with lots of curb appeal. The arcing textured colored concrete walkway casually guides visitors to a multi-colored slate entry and fountain. Mexican pebbles add accent and contrast in both shape and color when juxtaposed to the slate tile landing. Plantings add color with the variegated foliage of Carmel Creeper, Kaleidoscope Abelia, Variegated Sweet Flag, Heavenly Bamboo and red leafed Fringe Flower. In addition, blooms of reds and purples are evident from spring through fall on Autumn Sage, Purple Verbena, Red Carpet Rose, Dwarf Lily-of-the-Nile and Dwarf Bottlebrush. Most plantings are drought-tolerant with the exception of the Southern Azalea and Variegated Sweet Flag which are wisely planted under the canopy of the tree to reduce their sun exposure and need for excess water. I think you’ll agree that this lawn-less ‘greener’ garden is by no means less green or less appealing than a traditional front yard! (Landscape designed and installed by Proscapes of Sacramento)

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