Garden Tour 2013

Low Maintenance…Love It!

What once was a very narrow, shallow front yard with the standard swath of lawn has been transformed into a low maintenance and attractive landscape. This garden stands out among its neighbors and is a complete departure from the typical subdivision landscape. The concrete walkway leads you to the front door via a series of circular ‘pods’ and curves. The standard gray concrete is made more interesting by the simple addition of banding to accent the flatwork. A dry river bed diagonally bisects the yard and invites the visitor to view the garden. The placement of moss rock and the variety of cobble and pebble sizes create an aesthetic appearance. This ‘greener’ garden demonstrates three river-friendly principles: Landscaping for less to the landfill, conserving water and protecting air quality. Plants are spaced appropriately to avoid crowding and the need for constant pruning; therefore generate very little green waste. Water is conserved with the conversion of lawn to water-wise landscaping and the use of drip irrigation. And because there is no longer any lawn to mow, air quality is improved. Did you know a gas-powered lawn mower emits 11 times the air pollution of a new car, per hour of use? This ‘greener’ garden is low maintenance…don’t you love it? Landscape design and installation by Ryan McConnell, The Turf Man

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