Garden Tour 2013

Perennial Paradise

Thirteen years ago this homeowner took the lead and lost the lawn! This was not a popular decision among neighbors at the time, but as the newly planted landscape took shape, filled in and matured, this front yard has gained both curb appeal and approval. Filled with a variety of yellow, purple and white flowering shrubs, perennials and bulbs; this corner lot is a colorful conversion from the traditional turf residential landscape. The homeowner is a ‘plant lover’ by nature and enjoys the variety of color, texture and bloom that the garden bestows nearly ten months out of the year. Privacy and security have been provided with the installation of a low wrought iron fence which frames the canopy of the large Chinese Pistache tree. The perimeter planting of groundcover Junipers anchor the landscape and set the stage for the perennials inside the fence. A permeable walkway of flagstone and decomposed granite carries you through the main garden, filled with a variety of woody and herbaceous perennials in colors of yellow, blue and white; whereas, the side garden is home to pinks and purples. Some are already blooming like Harlequin Flower, Candytuft and Blue Veronica; while others are still waking from winter and just now pushing their new shoots above the soil. This type of garden isn’t for everyone. You have to truly love plants and the unlimited varieties in which they come. However, this ‘perennial paradise’ is worthy of a periodic ‘drive-by’ just to see what’s blooming! Fantasy Landscape Art by Linda Amelia, (916) 804-6567)

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