Garden Tour 2013

Rain Garden Plaza

The City of Elk Grove’s Rain Garden Plaza, located on Laguna Springs Drive across from Colton Park, is the most comprehensive rain garden in the Sacramento region.
It’s a beautiful garden that is a magnet for wildlife—as well as one that is low maintenance and habitat-friendly.
The Elk Grove Rain Garden Plaza is designed to educate the public about eco-friendly landscaping and encourages water conservation with native and drought-resistant plants. The Rain Garden Plaza features a creatively-designed and aesthetically-pleasing outdoor area that includes rain gardens, biofiltration swales and pervious paving systems. The Rain Garden Plaza features Low-Impact Development (LID) practices that work with nature to manage stormwater as close to its source as possible by incorporating natural, river-friendly landscaping techniques. The Rain Garden Plaza also features a canopied picnic area, fitness equipment, educational components, and local artwork.
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