Garden Tour 2013

Sensible Suburban Simplicity

Two years ago these homeowners decided to renovate their landscape and decided early on in the design process that they did not want to include lawn in the new design. Their neighbors had removed their lawn several years earlier and had added the adjoining walkway, so it just made more sense to aesthetically blend the yards as one. The plant list for this garden is relatively short in length, but it provides plenty for this narrow front yard. As it matures, the fruitless olive will anchor the foreground of this garden and ultimately provide an evergreen presence. Spring color is delivered by the understory planting of the pink groundcover rose and scattered California Poppy. Summer color follows with the display of Purple Verbena, Daylily and additional roses in the landscape. The end result is a landscape that is both sensible and simple! (Landscape design and installation by Snow Landscape of Davis)

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