Garden Tour 2013

Water-Wise and Wonderful

You can’t help but stop and pause when you drive by this home. The staggeredsteps of floating quartzite flagstone invite you to explore the garden and lead you to the crisp white pergola at the entry. The reflective quartzite flagstone and matte finish of cobble and lava rock are surprisingly wonderful together. And,the earth tones of the lava rock resemble bark mulch at first glance. Additional contrast is provided by the foliage color of numerous water-wise plants. The grays and silver are represented with the Spanish Lavender and Society Garlic. Splashes of lime green are introduced by Golden Breath of Heaven, Spiraea and the new growth of Bearberry. Reds pop here and there with Dragon’s Blood Stonecrop, Japanese Barberry and the striking branch color of Coral Bark Japanese Maple. This landscape is a perfect example of how much color and interest can be introduced into a garden with foliage alone. The focal point of the landscape however is the beautiful courtyard and enlarged entry. A wonderful space has been framed with the striking columns, pergola and dwarf Italian Cypress which provide a place to sit, relax and enjoy the sounds of the fountain. The shade and shelter of the pergola allow more thirsty plant selections in the courtyard such as Mondo Grass, Lilyturf and Spiraea. The combinations of hardscape and plant material selections combine to create a water-wise and wonderful alternative to a traditional residential landscape. Plein Air painting by AnnMarie McGill, Walnut Grove, CA. For more information, contact her at or

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