Garden Tour 2013

Water-Wise Courtyard

This landscape is home to a large active family. The homeowners wanted a place where they could sit and watch their children play or just gather on a weekend afternoon with neighbors and family. The courtyard provides just that place and is an appealing outdoor room where high maintenance, water consuming lawn used to be. A series of wide inviting steps of quartzite flagstone leads visitors to the courtyard. The courtyard walls and integral raised planters, clad in the same multi-colored flagstone, provide privacy and enclosure without walling off the front of the home or obstructing the view from inside the home. Water-wise plantings with warm and cool toned blooms have been selected to complement the gray and rust colors of the flagstone. The foreground planting is anchored with a Chinese Pistache tree that provides an amazing display of color in the fall. Using the River Friendly Benefits Calculator found at, the landscape renovations to this front yard save approximately 50 gallons of water per day, 220 pounds of green waste per year and 58 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents (green house gas emissions) per year compared to a conventional landscape! Those are river-friendly reasons worthy of recognition! (Fantasy Landscape Art by Linda Amelia, (916) 804-6567)

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