Garden Tour 2014

1. Another Shade of 'Green'

Designed and installed in 2002, the face of this garden has changed throughout the years.

2. Outdoor Living Room

Cul-de-sac homes often have narrow, flared or awkwardly shaped front yards that
result in little usable space.

3. Good Neighbor Landscape

Just last year, adjacent neighbors got together and decided to redo their

4. Sensible and Sophisticated

This landscape was designed by local landscape designer, Roberta Walker, and
installed by Jeff Abdallah of Sacramento Valley Landscape.

5. Savvy Water Saver

Five years ago these homeowners wanted a change…and what a change they got!

6. Residential Rain Garden

Water down the drain? Not here! This homeowner has taken a very progressive
and river-friendly approach to their garden, it collects rain water.

7. Sacramento Valley Success

This front yard is a perfect example of how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing
eco-friendly and water-wise landscaping can be.

8. Lawn Substitute

This front yard has a wide inviting walkway of buff-colored concrete with in-laid slate
medallions leading to a large slate landing at the front door.

9. A Lawnless Life

This homeowner started removing their lawn several years ago.

10. California Dream

Here the home’s architecture and beautiful river friendly landscape
combine to create a California dream!