Garden Tour 2014

1. Another Shade of 'Green'

Designed and installed in 2002, the face of this garden has changed throughout the years. The original planting design included several sun loving shrubs and perennials; however the increasing shade of the existing tree has caused many of those plants to be shaded out and die over time. Despite this gradual metamorphosis, the remaining landscape is still worthy of discussion and provides a display of four significant river-friendly principles:

•Nurturing Soil Health – Leaf litter is allowed to accumulate and decompose over time to provide nutrient cycling back to the soil and act as mulch to retain soil moisture.
•Conserving Water – With the exception of the ornamental roses, the landscape is planted with relatively low-water use plants and irrigated entirely with a drip irrigation system.
•Protecting Air and Water Quality – Without lawn, the landscape does not require the frequent use of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or the weekly use of a high carbon emitting gas-powered lawn mower. According to the EPA, one hour of operation of lawn mower produces the same emissions as operating 11 cars for one hour! Something to think about when considering turf…
•Landscaping for Less to the Landfill – The owner of this home has not been able to maintain this front yard for some time. Yes, the tree could afford some lower limb pruning, and some minor shrub trimming here and there, but generally speaking, weekly trimming and pruning has not been necessary to keep this yard in relatively good ‘shape’. This is evidence that the ‘right plant in the right place’, results in less pruning and less to the landfill.

Although not necessarily a ‘jaw-dropping’ garden in terms of curb appeal, it certainly is a good example of another ‘greener’ way of gardening!

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