Garden Tour 2014

3. Good Neighbor Landscape

Just last year, adjacent neighbors got together and decided to redo their
landscapes. They chose to have them designed simultaneously so that they not
only complemented each other, but also created a single cohesive landscape
between their homes.

The landscape design evokes a sense or feeling of a high desert landscape. The
use of boulders, cobble and decomposed granite simulate a desert wash and
provide flow between the residential lots. Weathered logs scattered throughout
the landscape add interest, while gentle mounding elevates plant material for
visual variety.

The plant palette is predominantly drought tolerant with the exception of some
foundation plantings remaining from the original landscape. Seasonal displays
of color abound with springtime favorites like California Poppy and Spanish
Lavender followed by summer blossoms of Rockrose and Rosemary.

I’ve heard of ‘good neighbor’ fences, but this landscape erases the line drawn
between the two lots and creates a ‘good neighbor’ landscape!

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