Garden Tour 2014

4. Sensible and Sophisticated

This landscape was designed by local landscape designer, Roberta Walker, and
installed by Jeff Abdallah of Sacramento Valley Landscape. The finished product is
a landscape that is both sensible and sophisticated and sets this home apart from
others in the neighborhood.

A courtyard clad in decorative stone and iron work provides a private seating area
for morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening. Using front yard space in this
way gives the homeowner additional outdoor living area, reduces the amount of
planting area requiring irrigation and maintenance and is a wonderful backdrop to
the plantings in the foreground. This is a sophisticated addition that complements
the color and architecture of the home.

The landscaping and plant selections weave an interesting palette of contrasting
grays and greens. Additional contrast is provided on the ground plane with the
juxtaposition of charcoal gray lava rock and light gray cobble used in the dry
river bed. Interest and color are provided with a compilation of plant material that
blooms early spring through fall. Early bloomers include Golden Breath of Heaven
and Chinese Fringe Flower followed by summer blooms of Crape Myrtle, Lavender,
Rosemary, Groundcover Rose, Dwarf Bottlebrush and Yarrow. All selections have
low water requirements and are sensible selections for the Sacramento Valley.
By definition this is an Elk Grove ‘Greener Garden’…it features a mix of native and
water conserving plant material which require less watering and maintenance than
traditional lawns, the variety of plants make it more interesting and aesthetically
pleasing, and some selections are attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies
providing them with food and habitat.

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