Garden Tour 2014

5. Savvy Water Saver

Five years ago these homeowners wanted a change…and what a change they got!
Not only did they achieve an aesthetic change to their landscape, but a significant change in maintenance requirements and water use too!

The courtyard wall and custom iron fence add an architectural backdrop to this eyecatching and drought tolerant composition. The ground plane provides a tapestry of texture with what feels like a pond of permeable decomposed granite bridged by a walkway of flagstone, surrounded by a shoreline of boulders, cobbles and rock. A succinct plant palette provides year round interest in this garden with the sculptural quality of the Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar and the red foliage of Purple Hopseed Bush, Chinese Fringe Flower and Japanese Bloodgrass. In addition, cool blue gray foliage and purple blooms are introduced with Russian Sage, Rosemary and Blue Shore Juniper.

Although the courtyard area is predominantly turf, the overall reduction of lawn in this front yard still results in a significant daily water savings of approximately 50 gallons a day during the summer months. Because the homeowners typically use the backyard with its view of the lake for relaxation, a ‘greener garden’ renovation of the courtyard might include removal of the lawn and creating a courtyard with permeable paving and decorative pottery or a sculpture garden to be viewed from indoors surrounded by colorful drought tolerant plantings.

Either way…this landscape is a savvy water saver!

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