Garden Tour 2015

Blues and Grays Abound -
2014 Greener Gardens Design Winner

This landscape is the result of a homeowner who was ready to make the change and was fortunate enough to be the winner of a free landscape design at the 2014 Elk Grove Greener Gardens EXPO & Garden Tour.

The homeowner had already removed all of the lawn and had established the framework of the landscape by installing the low wall, entry arbor and inviting steps leading to the front entry. However Like most homeowners, the selection and composition of appropriate plants was where they needed design help.

EGGG organizers met with the owner last summer to discuss design ideas and ultimately prepare a planting plan. Soleil Tranquilli of Tranquill Gardens designed a garden composed solely of low to very low water requirement plants. Some are California natives and others are UC Davis Arboretum All-Star selections (ie. Western Redbud, Snow-in-Summer and Australian Bluebell). The common thread throughout the plant composition is the use of blue and gray foliaged plants to complement the turquoise front door and other outdoor accents and accessories. Many native and drought tolerant plants naturally have blue gray foliage which reflects heat and allows plants to transpire at a slower rate and therefore require less water.

The homeowner took the next several months to amend and nurture the soil, convert the original spray irrigation system to drip irrigation, purchase and install plants, apply mulch and accessorize the garden. The result is a river-friendly winner, chockfull of blue and gray foliaged California natives and drought tolerant plants.

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