Garden Tour 2015

Groundcover Glory

This landscape in its original form was a homogenous blend of grass, a single tree and a few foundation shrubs...more of the same high maintenance, water-thirsty landscape, just like all the others. Now, from two blocks away, you can see that this landscape is different!

This tapestry of year-round flower and foliage colors is a welcome change on many levels. It’s a visual interruption of the existing residential landscape monotony. The need to mow, edge and prune is no longer a weekly requirement. And most importantly in today’s drought crisis the amount of water necessary to keep this landscape flourishing is considerably less than previously required by a front yard lawn. The homeowner enjoys displaying the many varieties of color that the Verbena species offers and keep things looking fresh by replacing them every third year or so as they start to look woody or leggy.

Boulders and a meandering river bed add detail and separation between the mounded beds of color. And to add even more splashes of color along the base of the house, the homeowner adds a rotation of Snapdragons and other seasonal annuals throughout the year.

Composed primarily of ground hugging groundcovers and low growing compact shrubs, this landscape is nothing short of groundcover glory!

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