Garden Tour 2015

Noteworthy Natives and NO IRRIGATION!

The multi-trunk Western Redbud is the perfect size for this small scale front yard. It also provides the first sign of color in this garden with magenta flowers held close to the stems from February through March. Ray Hartman Wild Lilac is the next garden player with a proliferation of purple blossoms in March through April. Blue-Eyed Grass has naturalized throughout the garden and is next to show its pretty face with blooms lasting through May.

The scattered placement of boulders and driftwood guides you up the warm-toned flagstone pathway. The flagstone is an appealing complement to the exterior colors of the house. Warm colors continue with the summer blooming native, California Fuschia. This plant has a bold display of firecracker orange blooms from late summer through fall and is also a favorite of hummingbirds! In addition, Cleveland Sage blooms during the summer and is a favorite of pollinators during its blooming cycle and birds love the seed heads in the fall and winter. Deer Grass and Yarrow add soft textures to the landscape with their wispy soft foliage.

And don’t miss the twisting metal sculpture over the entryway that further extends the organic nature of this noteworthy native garden!

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