Garden Tour 2015

Serene Water Savings

After years of fighting surface roots of the large Sycamore and looking for a water saving alternative to turf, this homeowner decided it was time for a change. Designed and constructed by the homeowner this landscape has much to offer!

Rather than fight the roots, they have become a sculptural accent emerging through the decorative rocks like veins in a granite slab. Drought-tolerant Point Sur Manzanita has been planted under the canopy and will provide low mounds of green over time.

The redwood deck is the headliner in this garden offering a serene platform for enjoying a cup of coffee on a weekend morning or a glass of wine on a summer evening. Simple concrete pavers surrounded by smooth pebbles provide a clean transition from the walkway to the deck. The deck is also accented with LED lighting tucked under the perimeter of the platform to provide illumination at night. Creating usable space in the front yard is a great way to increase the ‘square footage’ of your home and decrease the amount of unused water-thirty lawn.

Trellises against both the garage wall and back of the deck create privacy, enclosure and a vertical venue for flowering vines. In addition, artfully placed ceramic pottery introduces specimen container plantings of succulents, Laceleaf Japanese Maple and Black Bamboo into the garden. And, the large Escallonia shrub, which typically becomes an out of scale planting in a small front yard, has been successfully pruned into a sculptural accent near the entry.

The many details of this ‘serene water saver’ are difficult to appreciate from the street, but once inside this garden its transformation is clearly a success.

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