Garden Tour 2016

Classy Corner Conversion

When asked why they converted their front yard landscaping in May of 2015, these homeowners responded, "Although we loved the look of our wrap-around lawn, we accepted the fact that between the slope of our yard and the inefficient watering system, we had to make changes. The drought-tolerant plants and drip watering system met regulations and actually made our yard more interesting. We love the new look!” When comparing the before and after pictures of this front yard, we couldn’t agree more.

The multi-colored lava rock mulch and boulders compliment the fascia stone on the house and the bronze-toned tile roof. While the lighter colors of the small river cobble placed in a wavy border at the edge of the sidewalk tie back to the stucco color of the home. Red and bronze foliage colors of Jack Spratt New Zealand Flax, Chinese Fringe Flower and Heavenly Bamboo also compliment the hardscape and home. And, the landscape lighting with bronze finish blends nicely. These choices in combination create harmony in the landscape.

In addition to the visual appeal of this landscape, it’s also attractive to hummingbirds. The homeowner sees ‘hummers’ frequently visiting the Grevillea and Dwarf Bottlebrush throughout the year.

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