Garden Tour 2016

Color My World

Inspired by the colorful display of her neighbor’s side yard each year, this homeowner wanted some color of her own and embarked on a DIY transformation that is worthy of attention.

After letting the turf die, her son and a friend scraped off the remaining lawn, turned it upside down and piled it throughout the yard to create mounds. No hauling to the landfill here! The mounding created the perfect setting for a forked dry river bed and three ‘islands’ of planting. Moss rock in various sizes was added to punctuate the dry river bed and add texture and scale.

In true DIY fashion, the homeowner grew both of the Japanese Maples from volunteer seedlings from the backyard and transplanted Coreopsis and other donated plants from the neighbor’ yard.

Blooms of all colors are prolific throughout the year in this garden from a variety of Sages, Yarrow, Roses, Geraniums, Rosemary, Grevillea and more. With a love of both plants and color, the front yard has become this homeowner’s ever changing canvas bringing color to her world and ours!

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