Garden Tour 2016

Creekside and Carefree

A successful design collaboration between the homeowner and her brother, an artist, has resulted in a garden full of multi-dimensional texture and color. A desire to move towards the use of California natives was the impetus for change in this garden.

Bold robust plantings provide privacy for the brick courtyard, a comfortable space to relax throughout the day. A low brick wall, brick pilasters and a pair of Kumquats that flank the entry establish a sense of arrival to the space.

Exposed aggregate pavers in a variety of sizes lead deep into the garden, make you want to explore further and provide access for maintaining the garden. Edibles are also an integral part of this garden, including grapes, Kumquat, a pair of Pear trees and others in containers.

Red foliage amongst a variety of greens punctuates the garden and extends the brick color of the façade into the landscape. Plants such as Smoke Tree, Chinese Fringe Flower, Red Japanese Maple and the Blackbird Spurge deliver deep reds in abundance.

Situated adjacent to Laguna Creek and the Camden greenbelt, provides views and a sense of borrowed open space making this garden ‘creekside and carefree’!

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