Garden Tour 2016

Desert Delight

With a desire to save water, be more ecologically sound and reduce maintenance requirements, this front yard renovation removed an existing Bermuda grass lawn while maintaining the original low adobe brick wall and large cactus.

Preferring California and western natives, the homeowner only used plants with a low or very low water use requirement per WUCOLS IV (the 4th edition of the Water Use Classification of Landscape Species for region 2). This adherence to hydrozoning, grouping plants together with similar water use requirements and exposure needs, helps to save water and assign irrigation valves.

The design was inspired by the owner's cactus collection which included the existing 10+ foot tall Peruvian Apple Cactus. Special consideration was also given to selecting smaller tree species which would not shade the existing solar panels on the roof.

A permeable micro-patio was added to provide a place for a small bistro table and oversized pots were used along the entryway to allow the owner to grow heat loving edibles during summer. And, locally sourced crushed walnut shells were used as unique mulch giving the appearance of fine textured gravel or desert sand.

This yard literally explodes with color every few weeks as something new comes into bloom or re-blooms. This garden is indeed a desert delight!

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