Garden Tour 2016

‘Full Frontal’ Edible Garden

What do you do when you want fresh organically grown vegetables, but your backyard is almost entirely in shade and you have four dogs? You get creative and build an attractive edible landscape in your front yard! After perusing Pinterest for ideas, the homeowners showed their contractor what they liked and the rest is history.

The homeowners also wanted a drought friendly and easy to maintain yard. Decomposed granite creates a clean finished surface that is easy to take care of. An informal hedge of red groundcover roses in a bed of small cobble mulch provides an attractive and finished foreground to the garden area. The shiny foliage of the groundcover roses is attractive most the year and bright blooms cover the shrubs starting in spring. This type of rose is easy to grow, relatively drought tolerant and does not require the care and maintenance of traditional roses.

The hogwire mesh fence is simple, yet attractive and provides a separation from the public sidewalk and street, yet still providing visibility. Behind the fence are four raised redwood beds complete with drip irrigation for growing an assortment of vegetables, greens and herbs. In addition, large pots are also be used to grow espaliered fruiting trees or dwarf varieties.

The full sun southern exposure is the perfect location for a successful and attractive ‘full frontal’ edible garden!

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