Garden Tour 2016

Modern Sensibility

The homeowner knew what she liked, but wasn’t sure how to convey it to her landscape contractor. Well…it looks like they both succeeded in transforming a shallow suburban front lawn into a unique, low maintenance and beautiful landscape.

The garden is anchored by the Queen Palm which was successfully transplanted from the backyard. A gentle slope affords an opportunity for subtle terracing using a low cast-in-place concrete retaining wall as a planter for the palm and ‘mow free’ sod. The form boards used for the concrete wall create a horizontality that is carried throughout the design. The same horizontal lines are visible in the attractive address wall and creative wood screens used to hide utility boxes and screen the storage area for trash cans.

The planting palette is minimalistic with only seven plants being used, but there is no loss of texture, color or interest. In this design, less is definitely more. The use of decomposed granite as mulch continues that clean contemporary look on the ground plane. Solar pathway lights accentuate the pathway composed of concrete bands and pads of varying dimensions and spotlights highlighy the palm at night.

The ‘mow free’ sod is distributed by Delta Bluegrass and is a ‘greener’ and more river-friendly way to achieve the lawn look with less water, no harmful carbon emissions from a lawnmower and no green waste hauled to the landfill. If you like the look of this product, grab some literature and register today to win 200 s.f. courtesy of Delta Bluegrass!

This landscape is both a modern and sensible approach to a ‘greener’ garden!

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