Garden Tour 2016

Plant Lover’s Pride and Joy

This homeowner works in the landscape industry and obviously doesn’t mind bringing his work home! This ‘greener’ garden choice is an informal composition of native, water-wise and other garden favorites.

The most striking juxtaposition this time of year is the newly leafed out Red Japanese Maple against the complementary blue gray house with red trim and brick accents…such a beautiful combination. Additional red foliaged Coral Bells (Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ and ‘Purple Ruffles’) and Chinese Fringe Flower extend the contrast into the garden.

Below the shade of the mature Chinese Pistache tree are masses of silvery blue and gray Lamb’s Ear, Yarrow and Blue Fescue that brighten the garden. Color is evident throughout the year starting in late winter with the blooms of Winter Daphne and Camellia; in spring with Chinese Fringe Flower, Lenten Rose and clumps of daffodil; followed in the summer by Yarrow, a variety of Sages, Butterfly Bush, Tree Mallow and Rose of Sharon to name a few; and lastly the golden spikes of ornamental grasses and the blazing red Chinese Pistache in the fall. The year round kaleidoscope of color and texture makes this garden shine.

With an extensive plant list, this neighborhood botanical garden is this plant lover’s pride and joy.

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