Garden Tour 2016

River-Friendly Renovation

This river-friendly renovation, designed and installed by Capital Nursery, was planted in 2012 and featured in the Greener Gardens tour that same year. What was a fledgling landscape has matured into a landscape worthy of showcasing again.

A sweeping colored concrete walk adds a welcoming entry from the street and compliments the tile roof and brick accents of the home. A small seating area at the front door provides a shady spot in the late afternoon. Moss rock in warm tones of red and gray add scale and interest throughout the landscape.

In full sun and at the front of the landscape, plant selections are predominantly drought tolerant. Closer to the home where the landscape is in afternoon shade more moderate water users have been selected. The plant palette is composed of several gray green foliage plants (Woolly Grevillea, Juniper and Rosemary) which are complimented by red foliage plants (Crimson Pygmy Barberry and Heavenly Bamboo) and red/burgundy and pink flowers of Dwarf Bottlebrush, India Hawthorne and Woolly Grevillea. Planting your yard in complimentary combinations like this create year round interest and color in the landscape.

In addition to being water-wise, most of these perennials and shrubs are also very low maintenance and will look and perform best with very little (if any) pruning. The proper spacing of plants based on their mature size will allow them to grow in their natural form with no help from hedge trimmers!

A homeowner’s choice to improve their curb appeal with drought tolerant and low maintenance shrubs and NOT lawn, makes this garden tour selection a true river-friendly renovation.

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