Garden Tour 2016

Rock Lover’s Landscape

Designing shallow front yards can be challenging and requires the careful selection of plant material that is in scale with the space and facade of the house. Although newly planted, this landscape will mature beautifully to complement the home without overwhelming it. The existing Red Maple and Purple Leaf Plum provide the framework to create a shady understory for plants in the summer and filtered sun in the winter.

A variety of native bulbs will bloom in the spring, sages in reds and purples will bloom throughout the summer and fall and the ornamental grasses and varied foliage colors of blue grays and gray greens will also add interest year-round.

The practical use of the narrow side yard is both functional and attractive. Moss rock is used to create a casual retaining wall and level planting beds for a variety of edibles. Decomposed granite serves as permeable paving and allows access to the backyard gate. The southern exposure is perfect for growing vegetables, leafy greens and herbs and transforms an impractical strip of lawn into a productive element of the landscape.

Stacks and clusters of moss rock emerge through the walnut shell mulch and complement both the paint colors on the home and the tones in the ledgestone. The gray green lichen on the rocks ties in beautifully with the gray green plant materials in the landscape and makes this landscape a rock lover’s favorite.

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