Garden Tour 2012

A ‘Lawnless’ Life

This homeowner started removing their lawn several years ago. It started with merely expanding and enlarging planting beds every year until finally the lawn was gone!

A Place to Pause

A favorite ‘greener’ gardens concept of utilizing the front yard as an outdoor living space, rather than a landscape for looks only, is successfully used here. In a relatively shallow front yard, these homeowners have created a place topause and enjoy.

Bevy of Blue

This attractive landscape flanks a loose set flagstone walkway with gravel grout. The walkway provides an inviting entry and a permeable surface to reduce runoff from the landscape. Flagstone was chosen in earth tones to complement the color scheme of the home.

California Dream

Here the home’s architecture and beautiful river friendly landscape combine to create a California dream! Staggered concrete steps gradually move you through the landscape to the brick entry covered by a framework of custom fabricated iron. The garden of moss rock, gentle mounds, California natives and other Mediterranean plants and dry stream bed give you reason to stop and admire.

California Native Collection

Some people collect coins or baseball cards or comic books, but this homeowner collects PLANTS! Due to her love for California Natives and other Mediterranean plants, this garden is home to over 60 different trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses.

Elk Grove Community Garden

The idea of the Elk Grove Community Garden and Learning Center was spearheaded in 1999 by a group of tenacious residents of Elk Grove. With the help of the Cosumnes CSD in 2001, they found a 1.13 acre, weed infested, irregular parcel at Hampton Oak Drive and Iron Rock Way in east Elk Grove.

Lawn Substitute

This front yard has a wide inviting walkway of buff-colored concrete with in-laid slate medallions leading to a large slate landing at the front door. The adjacent plantings are made interesting with a composition of contrasting green foliage interspersed with variegations of red and a variety of textures.

Low Maintenance and Loving It!

The previous owner had let the landscape of this home become a mess. In order to sell, a complete renovation was necessary to provide curb appeal. The current homeowners are the beneficiaries of this new and attractive low maintenance landscape.

Outdoor Living Room

Cul-de-sac homes often have narrow, flared or awkwardly shaped front yards that result in little usable space. However, this did not prevent these homeowners from creating a stylish courtyard and outdoor living room instead!

Parks Can Be ‘Greener Gardens’ Too

Phase II of Van Doren Park was the first in the Cosumnes CSD whose design and construction had to comply with Assembly Bill (AB) 1881. AB 1881 or the State of California’s Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance was adopted in September 2010. Local agencies, including the City of Elk Grove, were required to adopt the Model Ordinance or adopt their own landscape ordinance that was at least as effective in conserving water as the updated model ordinance.

Residential Rain Garden

Water down the drain? Not here! This homeowner has taken a very progressive and river-friendly approach to their garden, it collects rain water. Unlike traditional homes that capture rainwater in their rain gutters, drain it to the street and then to the public storm drain system; the rain water from the rooftop of this home is collected in the rain gutters and then drained to a rain garden.

River-Friendly in the Rough

The previous owner of this home initiated the transition from a lawn dominant front yard to a river-friendly one. An outdoor seating area with shade structure was added to take advantage of the view of the creek and open space. Remaining planting areas were converted to beds of perennials.

River-Friendly Renovation

This river-friendly renovation, designed and installed by Capital Nursery, has been recently planted, but is sure to mature into a landscape worthy of watching.

Sacramento Valley Success

This front yard is a perfect example of how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing eco-friendly and water-wise landscaping can be. The warm-toned colored concrete walkway, selective use of decorative rock and boulders, attractive accent lighting and intricate screen detail at the front door combine to create a landscape that complements the home and delivers a lot of curb appeal.

Sensible and Sophisticated

This landscape was designed by local landscape designer, Roberta Walker, and installed by Jeff Abdallah of Sacramento Valley Landscape. The finished product is a landscape that is both sensible and sophisticated and sets this home apart from others in the neighborhood.

Suburban Standout

Along a lawn lined street, this front yard is a standout for several reasons. This landscape renovation, designed by local landscape designer Roberta Walker, chose to go ‘lawn-less’ and has instead created an attractive front yard that is envied by neighbors.