Garden Tour 2012

Suburban Standout

Along a lawn lined street, this front yard is a standout for several reasons. This landscape renovation, designed by local landscape designer Roberta Walker, chose to go ‘lawn-less’ and has instead created an attractive front yard that is envied by neighbors. While others are mowing their lawn on Saturday mornings, this homeowner can sit on their front porch, sip some coffee and enjoy the beauty of their efforts.

The wide inviting entry walk is flanked by a variety of plants that embrace the ‘greener’ gardens concept and evoke the feeling of a residential botanical garden. Predominantly a full-sun exposure, these sun loving plants bloom throughout the year providing continuous color and interest. Variegated foliage, juxtapositions of texture, and combinations of form make for an aesthetically pleasing and interesting composition of plant material that requires less water, less fertilizer and less maintenance than the traditional front yard lawn.

In addition to the water-wise plant selections, added design elements such as an ornamental address stake, large scale boulders, decorative lighting fixtures and a dry river bed make this yard a standout.

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