Garden Tour 2015

‘Zenfully’ Green

This garden has a ‘zen’ vibe and feels like a secret meditation area nestled in a forested meadow.

Blues and Grays Abound -
2014 Greener Gardens Design Winner

This landscape is the result of a homeowner who was ready to make the change and was fortunate enough to be the winner of a free landscape design at the 2014 Elk Grove Greener Gardens EXPO & Garden Tour.

California Native Collection

Some people collect coins or baseball cards or comic books, but this homeowner collects PLANTS!

Groundcover Glory

This landscape in its original form was a homogenous blend of grass, a single tree and a few foundation shrubs...more of the same high maintenance, water-thirsty landscape, just like all the others.

Grow Food – Not Grass!

Why grow grass when you can grow food? So many of our backyards are shaded by adjacent homes or existing trees and often our sunniest location for a vegetable garden is in the front yard.

Noteworthy Natives and NO IRRIGATION!

Designed by the homeowner and a landscape architect, this garden is 100% California natives.

Relaxing Renovation

This renovation went from a traditional tract home front yard of turf and more turf, to a relaxing courtyard surrounded by an attractive landscape.

River-Friendly Renovation

Cul-de-sac front yards can be a design challenge with their deep and often irregular shape, but this homeowner took the challenge with this lawn-less renovation and succeeded.

Serene Water Savings

After years of fighting surface roots of the large Sycamore and looking for a water saving alternative to turf, this homeowner decided it was time for a change.

Water Conserving Compromise

Water conservation - we read it in the paper and hear it in the news. How much water does the average front yard landscape really use?