Garden Tour 2016

Color My World

Inspired by the colorful display of her neighbor’s side yard each year, this homeowner wanted some color of her own and embarked on a DIY transformation that is worthy of attention.

Plant Lover’s Pride and Joy

This homeowner works in the landscape industry and obviously doesn’t mind bringing his work home! This ‘greener’ garden choice is an informal composition of native, water-wise and other garden favorites.

Desert Delight

With a desire to save water, be more ecologically sound and reduce maintenance requirements, this front yard renovation removed an existing Bermuda grass lawn while maintaining the original low adobe brick wall and large cactus.

River-Friendly Renovation

This river-friendly renovation, designed and installed by Capital Nursery, was planted in 2012 and featured in the Greener Gardens tour that same year. What was a fledgling landscape has matured into a landscape worthy of showcasing again.

Whimsical & Water Wise

What was once a persistent Bermuda lawn with heavy clay soils has undergone sheet mulching and soil rehabilitation to provide a nourishing, permeable and sustainable site with a proliferation of native plantings and suburban wildlife habitat.

Rock Lover’s Landscape

Designing shallow front yards can be challenging and requires the careful selection of plant material that is in scale with the space and facade of the house. Although newly planted, this landscape will mature beautifully to complement the home without overwhelming it. The existing Red Maple and Purple Leaf Plum provide the framework to create a shady understory for plants in the summer and filtered sun in the winter.

Modern Sensibility

The homeowner knew what she liked, but wasn’t sure how to convey it to her landscape contractor. Well…it looks like they both succeeded in transforming a shallow suburban front lawn into a unique, low maintenance and beautiful landscape.

Fun Family-Friendly Landscape

The homeowner’s, a young family with two small children, needed a more functional front yard with lower maintenance. They no longer wanted to waste their Saturday mornings mowing the lawn and hand-watering garden beds. They wanted to spend more time out front playing with their kids and being social with neighbors, but wanted a safe place to do it. By removing the grass, more outdoor living space was added and an updated, low maintenance and water conserving landscape was revealed.

Desert Southwest Delight

Narrow pie-shaped cul-de-sac lots can be challenging, but this homeowner has found a solution with a desert southwest style.

Suburban Standout

Along a lawn lined street, this front yard is a standout for several reasons. This landscape renovation, designed by local landscape designer Roberta Walker, chose to go ‘lawn-less’ in 2010 and created an attractive front yard that is envied by neighbors. While others are mowing their lawn on Saturday mornings, this homeowner can sit on their front porch, sip some coffee and enjoy the beauty of their efforts.

Hummingbird Haven

After four years of drought, the homeowners had let their front lawn almost completely die and they were ready for a permanent change. They knew they wanted low maintenance and low water, but had no other ideas in mind until they had a consultation with their landscape architect. She knew that the homeowner had lost her mother recently and that her mother loved hummingbirds.

Creekside and Carefree

A successful design collaboration between the homeowner and her brother, an artist, has resulted in a garden full of multi-dimensional texture and color. A desire to move towards the use of California natives was the impetus for change in this garden.

Classy Corner Conversion

When asked why they converted their front yard landscaping in May of 2015, these homeowners responded, "Although we loved the look of our wrap-around lawn, we accepted the fact that between the slope of our yard and the inefficient watering system, we had to make changes.

Savvy Water Saver

Five years ago these homeowners wanted a change…and what a change they got! Not only did they achieve an aesthetic change to their landscape, but a significant change in maintenance requirements and water use too!

‘Full Frontal’ Edible Garden

What do you do when you want fresh organically grown vegetables, but your backyard is almost entirely in shade and you have four dogs? You get creative and build an attractive edible landscape in your front yard! After perusing Pinterest for ideas, the homeowners showed their contractor what they liked and the rest is history.

A ‘Greener Garden’ for People and Butterflies

When this park was built in 2010, the Cosumnes Community Services District (CCSD) received a grant from the First Five Commission to help fund the 2-5 year old playground. One of the requirements of the grant was to build a butterfly garden adjacent to the playground.