What is a Greener Garden?

What is a Greener Garden

A greener garden is a departure from the typical residential landscape of lawn and planting beds against the foundation of the home. Greener gardens often have removed or reduced their use of lawn in the landscape and instead have chosen lawn substitutes, drought tolerant landscaping or other plantings suitable to our Mediterranean climate. And, greener gardens also demonstrate one or more of the seven river friendly principles. These things in combination conserve water and other valuable resources, reduce waste, foster soil heath, and prevent pollution of our air and waterways.

The Seven River Friendly Principles

The Seven River Friendly Principles
  • Landscape Locally
  • Landscape For Less To The Landfill
  • Nurture The Soil
  • Conserve Water
  • Conserve Energy
  • Protect Water & Air Quality
  • Create & Protect Wildlife Habitat